Legal Compliance

INFOPORT‘s Crime Prevention Program aims to promote ethical behavior and compliance with the law, and the company’s commitment to prevent, detect and report possible criminal conduct.

INFOPORT has set up a whistleblower channel at the e-mail address [email protected] to report irregularities and possible non-compliance with the policies related to the Regulatory Compliance Plan to the Supervisory Body.

INFOPORT VALENCIA, S.A. (hereinafter INFOPORT) is an entity with a firm commitment to ethical behavior and legal compliance, which we consider essential for the development of our activity as a company.

INFOPORT has developed and implemented a Regulatory Compliance Plan that defines the principles governing the actions of the Company, its managers and employees.
This Regulatory Compliance Plan, based on legal regulations and our values as a company, includes prevention and surveillance measures, and a Program for the Prevention of the Commission of Crimes in order to prevent the commission of criminal acts in the Company that could generate the criminal liability of the entity.

The Program has been developed in accordance with Organic Law 1/2015, of March 30, which amends Organic Law 10/1995, of November 23, 1995, of the Criminal Code, which regulates through Article 31 bis of the Criminal Code, the criminal liability of legal persons and clarifies that regulatory compliance programs may be effective in exempting the legal person from criminal liability, provided that they contain effective control measures to prevent criminal acts in the company.